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                        Custom Homes, Additions & Renovations

IMG_2878Work with a team of experts and create the cottage you have always dreamed About. From additions, to the ground up, our team strives for originality and comfort to overly fulfill our clients’ vision. From custom design to custom finishing we work to complement the lives of cottage owners. We have Staff trained and certified in Working At Heights. Roofing siding, renovations and builds are done in a very safe and professional manner.

Pipe Drilling

Bike 005AYA Builders specializes in drilling in the Whiteshell/lake of the woods areas. We have over 27 years of experience drilling on the Canadian Shield’s rocky terrain. We drill piles for new homes and cottages as well as our custom Pipe Docks.



Every dock that we fabricate is designed specifically to location conditions, and each customers cottage living needs. Our Project Managers will help with deciding on the best suitable dock. All our docks are manufactured in our shop, delivered, and installed by us. We create outdoor living spaces that perfect your summer getaway!

Pipe Dock

AYA Builders specializes in drilling in the Whiteshell/lake of the woods areas. We have over 27 years of experience drilling on the Canadian Shield’s rocky terrain. By drilling galvanized pipe into bed rock during the winter season, we are able to provide a solid base for your lakeside dock. Creating a environmentally friendly deck like feature along your sore line.

Metal Lift Dock

By choosing the Lift Dock you are getting a solid dock that walks out on to the lake, perfect for docking boats! The lift docks are easily stored away from our violent northern winters, extending the lifetime of your dock.

 Floating Dock

IMG_2967There are many advantages to floating docks, they have the ability to comply with changing water levels, they can be removed during the winter seasons, and are great for docking boats.


 Having outdoor living space at the lake is a must! No job is too big or small. At AYA we illustrate every design with the surrounding landscape in mind. Along with decks we make your elevated property lake front! By constructing an intricate stairway that go from your back door to the water.

Boat Houses

Just like our custom homes we design and build every boat house to accommodate our customers lake life life living. Boat houses range from the any size from a single Seadoo to a Pontoon Boat. Adding a second story with a guest house or living space is a great way to take advantage of your lake front view.


Boat Ramps & Lifts

AYA Builders is known for our custom Boat Ramps and Lifts. Each ramp and lift is unique and easy to use. We also keep Shore Lander V-Lift Stations in stock. When purchased, assembly, delivery and installation is done by us.


 Tree Removal & Cottage Services

  • Dangerous Tree Removal
  • W.E.T.T. Certified (fire place and wood stove inspections)
  • Custom & Mobile Welding
  • Lot Clearing
  • Seasonal Water Front Maintenance
  • Painting & Staining



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